an embodied workshop for personal and collective digging and becoming

Our bodies are the fertile ground of ancestral seeds, half-remembered childhoods, undigested
foods of a rotting system, chambered grievances and survival parties. We embody unknown
but sensed cartographies. As movement researchers we have elegant tools to engage with a
polyphonic listening. How can we inhabit tran(ce)formation between the worlds? I invite
movement as ritual medicine – a cleansing practice, solo performance and group festivity in the
attempt to meet ourselves, our ancestors and the more-than-human.
Self-knowledge and being-ness ever emergent, we start with the breath and cultivation of the
senses. We engage with Qi Gong and Body-Mind Centering inspired organ and sounding work
to uncover these stored emotions, memories, and landscapes of both the personal and
collective realms. Scaffolded by grounding practices from somatic movement therapy, we
create a safe container of risk together to allow these tenuous stories to rise and ask how they
want to be in dialogue with the now. After solo investigation, we move towards collectivity,
composing together from the rising of the sensuous. What can we learn from the unseen
realities as we give them flesh, voice and vessel?

Lea Fulton is a Berlin based dance artist and researcher living between questions of home and restlessness. These questions situate around being at home in our bodies as a tenuous possibility in the midst of collective and ancestral traumas and questions around home in landscapes that have personal nostalgia but hold a weathered history of colonialism. She researches trance practices, scores of touching and being touched, and the audiences of the more-than-human. She is currently in the midst of a two year process of collecting research from performing a solo ritual for the more-than-human audiences of Ancestors, Spirit and Elements in different geographies over a nomadic Pandemic existence. Her own work has been shown at GenezeratheKirche/PioNear, Moos Space, Petersburg Arts Space and Studio 37 in Berlin, AUNTS is Dance in Brooklyn, UpperJay Arts Centre, Dixon Place NYC, and Wonderland New Orleans, She was a company member of Alexandra Beller/Dances, MotleyDance and the site-specific collective The Space we Make. Other performance projects: Andre Uerba/Short Hope, Faye Driscoll, Jillian Pena, David Dorfman, Raja Feather Kelly, Shannon Stewart, Jessie Young,and the work of immersive theater company Third Rail. She was a NYC Center for Faith and Work Artist in Residence in 2017 and a recipient of the Upper Jay Arts Commission in 2020. She is a Dynamic Embodiment practitioner and holds a master’s degree in
Movement Therapy and Trauma Studies from the State University of New York.