Somatic Bodywork

I was introduced to Thai Massage in 2006 at Dance New Amsterdam in New York. As a dancer, I was enamored with a modality that was a playful dance of listening between giver and receiver. The practitioner takes care with alignment so that their system is in right effort while attending to the work. Movement through different positions enables a dance of weight that feels organic, supportive and healing. I was drawn to study this from great teacher Pichest Boonthume in Chang Mai and went on to develop my practice in NYC and now Berlin. 

My Thai Massage bodywork practice is informed by studies of Body-Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation and Trauma Studies. Sessions are infused with listening and systemic support, passive stretching and deep tissue work. Currently working out of my home in Mitte, Berlin.  1 hour sessions on a sliding scale from 50-75 Euro

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